Organization „Engure Sportam” with "RaceDog Latvia” and Latvian Federation of Sleddog Sports offers „Stirnu Buks” Canicross discipline.

The aim and objectives:
To popularize Sleddog sport (Canicross) as an open and an active health-enhancing sport.
To encourage other Sleddog sportists from different countries than Latvia, contributing to the development of tourism.
To promote interesting and healthy leisure activities for kids, teens, adults and families.

Race disciplines:
CCW E - Canicross ladies elite
CCW J – Canicross ladies junior (from 13 till 16 years old)
CCW V – Canicross ladies veterān (from 40 years old and older)
CCM E – Canicross men elite
CCM J – Canicross men junior (from 13 till 16 years old)
CCM V – Canicross men veter (from 40 years old and older)

Dog age:
CCM and CCW – dog age – 12 months and older

The top three participants of each discipline are awarded, if there will be at least 6 participants in each discipline. If discipline will no be 6 sportists, top three participants will awarded only with diploma.
Every sportist who will finished a distance, will get race medal.

Canicross discipline race dates:
30.03. Carnikava (Registration has begun)
27.04. Tērvete (Registration has begun)

08.06. Saldus (registration will start Mart 1)
08.09. Krimulda (registration will start June 1)
05.10. Cēsis (registration will start July 1)

Registration fee:

First period: 15 EUR / RaceDog Latvia members 7 EUR
Second period: 20 EUR / RaceDog Latvia members 10 EUR
Third period: 25 EUR / RaceDog Latvia members 15 EUR
At race day: 30 EUR / / RaceDog Latvia members 20 EUR
The period dates can see in registration entry form.
The registration fee depends on the date, when a filled registration form has been received by the organisers. The registration fee has to be paid by bank transfer in 24 hour period.
The registration is completed when organisers have received a registration fee by bank transfer*.

Organization: "RACEDOG LATVIA"
Address: Vārnu iela 10 -8 , Riga, LV - 1009, Latvia
Reg. No: 40008225574
Bank: Swedbank
Account: LV21HABA0551038558303
Code: HABALV22

*In payment order write sportist name, surname and short name of age discipline (When writing in the discipline name, make sure that you are using a valid discipline name. Correct discipline names are listed at the beginning of the race regulation) and as well as the competition discipline and the city, where will be race.

Example: Agnese Saldeva, CCW J, Canicross Cesis.
Otherwise payment will be invalid.

Entry fee includes:
marked route, participants race number, electronical time-keeping, medal, Race results -, Photo and video review –, Meal after race

Participants are awarded with:
Diplomas and sponsor prizes.

Getting race numbers at the race day:
You need to find “RACEDOG LATVIA” tent in "KANIKROSS ZONA" area, where You can get race numbers. Take with You race equipment and dog passport.

Doping Control:
Riders and dogs can be tested in doping control. Doping control can be carried out from April 5 till May 10 without sportist notice any time, day or night.

Stake- out area:
Participants are not allowed to sell any sports equipment, sports products, dogs food and products, if not received written permission from the organisers. Participants may leave vehicles, trailers, dog cages and dog stake-out only at the places that the competition judiciary assigns. At the stake-out area You are not allowed to reserve any additional vehicle parking spots/places or mark a teritory (using ropes, fences or any other means) that is to be used by your friends arriving later.
At the stake-out area are not allowed leave dog alone.
At the stake-area smoking is not allowed

Start list / Results list:
The organisers of the race will put non-official start list in web page:
However, the OFFICIAL start list will be available ONLY on race day, starting from. 9:30, at the info board.
Race start list order can not be changed by sportists.
Results list will be published in in 7 day period after race.

Each participant must arrive at the start corridor at least a 10 minutes before their start. Accurately 10 minutes prior to their start, if a participant has not arrived at the start corridor, judges deem it to be an overdue start. After the finish the Athlete must stay in the finish corridor until the finish judges let You go out. At the finish corridor obligatory sportist  should offer the dog some water.
At the finish area - nobody can't call the dog by name, use whistle, make the dog fetch a ball or other toys to stimulate better finish time. If someone will be called a dog, the athlete will be disqualified

By registering for the race participants confirm that they agree to- before, after and during the race – be on photograph, video and audio materials for use in marketing and promotional activities. Athlete must pay the race registration fee, even if the athlete does not start/not come to the race.

If a participant has caught another participant abusing the rules during the race, he has to speak to the race marshall instantly after the finish and in 60 minutes time write protest with his signature, and has to pay 30€ safety money to the race marshall.
If the race marshall accepts it as a valid protest the paid safety money will be returned.
After race results are published on info board you have 15 minute period to submit a protest (signed with your signature) to the race marshall. Race judges, race marshall and organisers has to right decide questions that are not included in race regulation.

Race numbers:
Each participant will have one number. The race numbers must not be damaged, cut, they may not be transferred to another person.
If sportist loses number or damages it because of improper handling of it – 30 EUR penalty :).

Technical requirements:
In races You can’t participate with:
1) running shoes with iron or plastic spikes for better grip. (This is for dog safety!)
2) Line obligatory needs to be from 2m till 3m long.
!!! All participants while in the distance, necessarily have to take a cell phone so we are able to reach you in case of any problem !!!

Competitors are responsible for the condition of their own (and dogs) health and safety, and carry the responsibility to follow race rules and regulations of the event, by signing the application form.
Persons who are younger than 18 years of age application is to be signed by at least one of their parents or a guardian.

1. everyone will participate in the race at their own responsibility,
2. carry with you a mobile phone,
3. seeing someone in need of help, be sure to help and tell the organiser,
4. in case of abandoning the race you can tell it to nearest judges on track.
Please don't throw trash (used packages, bottles) into the nature.
You can put them into the trash-can near stake-out.

Organisers provide information about the competition only in Latvian and English language. Regulation in English language is a rough translation. If unsure refer to the Latvian language version!

Equipment and race rules, which is not mentioned in the regulation - according to IFSS rules.



Name: Biedrība „RACEDOG LATVIA”
Adress: Vārnu iela 10 -8, Rīga, LV – 1009, Latvia
Reg. no: 40008225574
Bank: Swedbank
Account: LV21HABA0551038558303
Code: HABALV22

More info:
Twitter: @racedog_lv

Responsible person:
Ginta Elizabeth Kleinberga
+371 2831 3431